The Lily



The Lily appears to be a life-size statue of a human woman that has been excellently crafted out of white marble. The statue is obviously very old, and its surface is cracked. From these cracks, a bluish fluid slowly leaks, leaving stains on its white “skin.” A bluegreen mold grows on the wet fluid and the dried stains. When the Lily moves, she does so jerkily, with much creaking and cracking of her stone form. She is an artificial creature but is free-willed and fairly intelligent. Although ancient, she no longer retains most of her memories.
She speaks telepathically, although it is faint—barely “audible”—as though she were whispering from far away. Much of what she says simply can’t be heard or understood.


The Lily

Numenera: Хребет Дьявола ViolentOr ViolentOr